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ATTX Space Rockets Towel Wrap with Hair Headband Dry W Cap for Max 77% Wholesale OFF

ATTX Space Rockets Towel Wrap with Dry Hair Cap Headband for W


ATTX Space Rockets Towel Wrap with Dry Hair Cap Headband for W

Product description

ATTX Women's Adjustable Closure Polyester Spa Shower and Bath Wrap

Eco-friendly Print

✔We use reactive print technology to dye the towels. HF-RS-A liquid reduction system can make better color fastness. Therefore our towels are durable and anti-fading, the color is also more bright and beautiful.
✔The reactive print is a green and environmentally friendly dyeing process, which is natural and no stimulation to human body, so it is healthy and safe for you and your family.

Set includes:

1 Bath towel: 31.5" x 60"

1 Dry Hair Cap: 9.8" x 25.6"

1 Headband: 5.9" x 8.7"


These beautiful towels are colorfast and machine washable. Wash on cool and tumble dry on low and do not use fabric softener as the chemicals will only reduce softness of the materials.


The product is not suitable for high-temperature hot washing above 40 degrees. Note that the fiber towel has a white bottom.
After washing, do not wring dry, smooth along the direction of wool to keep the original pattern.

ATTX Space Rockets Towel Wrap with Dry Hair Cap Headband for W

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