$70 Snufeve Small Air Wrench, Air Wrench Lightweight Compact Saving Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Snufeve Small High quality new Air Wrench Saving Compact Lightweight Snufeve Small High quality new Air Wrench Saving Compact Lightweight $70,Wrench,,Saving,/glycolate4885697.html,Small,Lightweight,Air,Air,Wrench,paperfangs.com,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Snufeve,Compact $70,Wrench,,Saving,/glycolate4885697.html,Small,Lightweight,Air,Air,Wrench,paperfangs.com,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Snufeve,Compact $70 Snufeve Small Air Wrench, Air Wrench Lightweight Compact Saving Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Snufeve Small High quality new Air Wrench Saving Safety and trust Compact Lightweight

Snufeve Small Air Wrench, Air Wrench Lightweight Compact Saving


Snufeve Small Air Wrench, Air Wrench Lightweight Compact Saving

Product description

1. Lightweight design, it feels comfortable to hold, allowing you to work for a long time without fatigue.
2. Provides a powerful torsion output, it has strong power, and bolts can be easily removed and installed.
3. Through the switch to control the torsion speed, it can make the conversion between clockwise and counterclockwise easy.
4. With a compact design, you can use it to lock and remove bolts in a narrow space, saving time and effort.
5. It is suitable for home decoration, car assembly and tire repair, tightening and disassembly of bolts in narrow spaces, etc.


Item Type: Air Wrench
Material: Zinc Alloy
Square Head Size: 1/2in
No-Load Speed: 9000rpm
Maximum Torsion: 610N·M
Air Consumption: 34 SCFM
Weight: Approx. 1390g / 49oz
Scope of Application: It is suitable for home decoration, automobile assembly tire repair, tightening and disassembly of bolts in narrow spaces, etc.

Package List:
1 x 1/2in Air Wrench
1 x Connector
1 x Accessories
1 x Manual

1. During operation, the air pipe must be placed at the back end to prevent accidents.
2. Hold the machine firmly with both hands during work, and ensure a stable standing.
3. If the air stops suddenly during work, the switch must be set to the off state immediately.

Snufeve Small Air Wrench, Air Wrench Lightweight Compact Saving

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