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GYYlucky Folding Pedal Exerciser Award-winning store Under Desk Thera Physical Cycle New life

GYYlucky Folding Pedal Exerciser,Under Desk Cycle,Physical Thera


GYYlucky Folding Pedal Exerciser,Under Desk Cycle,Physical Thera

Product description

If you have to sit in the office or stay at home all day, or if you need to exercise and recover after surgery, GOREDI pedal exerciser is your ideal choice!

It can be placed on the floor or under the table to exercise your arms and legs, which will strengthen your muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

The foldable design makes it a perfect travel companion and allows it to be stored in a smaller space.

No assembling is required!


★ Easy to adjust resistance level with the tension knob.

★ Ideal for arm and leg cycling exercise at home or in the office.

★ The pull-ring design on the leg of the peddler makes it easy to fold and store.

★ Anti-slip triangle rubber pads help prevent the pedal exerciser from sliding during exercise.

★ Strengthen muscles, stimulate blood circulation, and enhance joint flexibility of shoulder, elbow and wrist.

★ Provide excellent low-impact exercise, perfect for exercising at home or in the office.

Easy Set Up in 2 Steps:

1. Pull on the ring at the joint of the frame leg.

2. Pull leg out until it clicks in place; repeat with other leg.


◆ Color:Black

◆ Product Weight: 5 pounds

◆ Material: Top quality materials steel and plastic

◆ Package Content: 1x Pedal Exerciser, 1x Manual

GYYlucky Folding Pedal Exerciser,Under Desk Cycle,Physical Thera

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