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Wigs for Women Black Short Curly H Looking We OFFer at cheap prices Max 62% OFF and Synthetic Natural

Wigs for Women Black Short Curly Synthetic Natural Looking and H


Wigs for Women Black Short Curly Synthetic Natural Looking and H

Product description

Product name: Wig
Hair style: long curly hair
Product size: free size
Product length: 45cm
Product color: black
Product material: high temperature wire
Product Process: Mechanism
Product inner net: breathable rose net
Packing: 1*wig
Wig cleaning and care
1. First, comb the wig to be cleaned.
2. Put the wig gently into the water, not hot water, but cold water and warm water
3. After soaking, gently wash it back and forth in the water several times, spray the care solution
4. Drain the water from the first pass and run it again.
5. Take the wig out of the water and squeeze it lightly.
6. Put it on the towel and wipe dry (press gently, don't rub)
7. Use a comb to straighten it out.
8. Let it dry on the stand in a ventilated place.
Regarding the wig styling: The items may be messy during transportation, just use a comb and a small amount of water to clean it up.
PS: A small amount of hair loss is normal, and there may be floating hair that has not been dealt with during the production process. It is not a wig quality problem.

Wigs for Women Black Short Curly Synthetic Natural Looking and H

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