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Battery Powered Cordless Oscillating Courier quality assurance shipping free 170W Multi-Osci Multi Tool

Battery Powered Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool, 170W Multi-Osci


Battery Powered Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool, 170W Multi-Osci

Product description

✅ Specifications:
★ Product Name: Electric Shovel Cutting and Trimming Machine
★ Voltage: 21V
★ Maximum output power: 170W
★ Speed adjustment gear: 6 speed adjustment
★ Oscillation frequency: 6000-20000opm
★ Angle of swing: 4°
★ Grinding/slicing diameter: 1110 (mm)
★ Chuck size: 1 (mm)
★ Accessory interface: 3 Seconds quick installation type
★ Size: 370* 270 * 240 MM

✪Vibration level:
▷Sand-light (2.5m/s) or smaller/straigt saw blade (10.5m/s)
▷semi-circular saw blade (5.5m/s/hanging cut 9.0m/s)

✪Battery information:
▷Battery capacity: 1500mah
▷Charging time: 1.5 hours
▷Usable time: 30-60 minutes

✅ Package Include:
✔ 1 x multifunctional electric shovel cutting
✔ 7 x High Quality Accessories
✔ 1 x battery

Battery Powered Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool, 170W Multi-Osci

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