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Scissors Professional Razor Sharp Hairdressing Super-cheap Scis Rapid rise

Scissors Professional Razor Sharp Professional Hairdressing Scis


Scissors Professional Razor Sharp Professional Hairdressing Scis

Product description

Color:Cutting scissor

Hardness: 62 HRC
Thinning rate : 25 %
Size: 6.0 inch
Length: 17.5 cm

Very sharp scissors! Keep away from children.

✄Scissors maintenance instructions
1. Do not interrupt the air.
2. Steel, high sharpness, you must pay attention to safety when using scissors.
3. Please keep it clean after use and lubricate if necessary.
4. Please use the scissors carefully, do not fall from a high place, otherwise the edge adaptability of the scissors will be damaged.
5. Do not use them to cut metal objects. Scissors can only be used to cut hair, otherwise it will shorten the service life.

Scissors Professional Razor Sharp Professional Hairdressing Scis

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