300,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Total,$125,/greenstuff4968975.html,Watts,,Craven,3-Light,Vanity,,paperfangs.com,Quoizel,Aged,CVN8623AGO $125 Quoizel CVN8623AGO Craven Vanity, 3-Light 300 Total Watts, Aged Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans 300,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Total,$125,/greenstuff4968975.html,Watts,,Craven,3-Light,Vanity,,paperfangs.com,Quoizel,Aged,CVN8623AGO Quoizel CVN8623AGO 1 year warranty Craven Vanity 3-Light 300 Aged Watts Total $125 Quoizel CVN8623AGO Craven Vanity, 3-Light 300 Total Watts, Aged Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Quoizel CVN8623AGO 1 year warranty Craven Vanity 3-Light 300 Aged Watts Total

Quoizel CVN8623AGO 1 trend rank year warranty Craven Vanity 3-Light 300 Aged Watts Total

Quoizel CVN8623AGO Craven Vanity, 3-Light 300 Total Watts, Aged


Quoizel CVN8623AGO Craven Vanity, 3-Light 300 Total Watts, Aged

Product description

Add both farmhouse and coastal influences to your bathroom with the Craven collection. The backplate is finished in painted Aged Oak and perfectly compliments the mixed materials used throughout the fixture. The jelly jar shades are made with clear glass and held in place with metal bracelets that are both decorative and functional. This can be hung as an uplight or downlight depending on your preference. Durable steel construction is built to last and offers a clean, polished look Includes all required hardware, template, and instructions for easy installation ETL Listed for use in damp locations Fixture is dimmable when paired with dimming-compatible bulbs Requires 3 100-watt medium base bulbs (sold separately). Bathroom / Mounting Direction: Up/Down / Assembly Required: Yes / Shade Included: Yes / Cord Length: 6.00 / Dimable: Yes.

Quoizel CVN8623AGO Craven Vanity, 3-Light 300 Total Watts, Aged

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