Assembly,,Axle,Metal,Toys Games , Vehicles,,/greenstuff5378275.html,Front,01,Assembly,Car,Front,1/24,RC,$36,RC,Axle $36 01 RC Metal Front Axle Assembly, RC Front Axle Assembly 1/24 Car Toys Games Vehicles 01 RC Metal Front Car Axle Limited Special Price 24 Assembly 01 RC Metal Front Car Axle Limited Special Price 24 Assembly $36 01 RC Metal Front Axle Assembly, RC Front Axle Assembly 1/24 Car Toys Games Vehicles Assembly,,Axle,Metal,Toys Games , Vehicles,,/greenstuff5378275.html,Front,01,Assembly,Car,Front,1/24,RC,$36,RC,Axle

01 RC mart Metal Front Car Axle Limited Special Price 24 Assembly

01 RC Metal Front Axle Assembly, RC Front Axle Assembly 1/24 Car


01 RC Metal Front Axle Assembly, RC Front Axle Assembly 1/24 Car

Product description

Color:Black Red

1. Made of high‑quality metal materials, it is strong and durable and has a long service life.
2. Used to improve the appearance and make your remote control car more attractive.
3. The axle design further improves the body chassis, which greatly improves the climbing and performance.
4. For upgrading and maintenance, directly replace the original parts to ensure a long service life and performance
5. Easy to install, with more stable performance and excellent durability, fit for Axial SCX24 90081 1/24 RC Car.


Item Type: RC Front Axle Assembly
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Brass
Product Size: Approx. 9.6x2.8x2.3cm / 3.8x1.1x0.9in
Product Weight: Approx. 46g / 1.6oz
Type: RC accessories
Applicable Mdels: Fit for Axial SCX24 90081 1/24 RC Car

Package List:
1 x

01 RC Metal Front Axle Assembly, RC Front Axle Assembly 1/24 Car

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