/greenwithe4747659.html,Piece,|,$110,03129A,Set,,Neiko,Combination,10,Jumbo,paperfangs.com,Wrench,Black,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Oxid /greenwithe4747659.html,Piece,|,$110,03129A,Set,,Neiko,Combination,10,Jumbo,paperfangs.com,Wrench,Black,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Oxid $110 Neiko 03129A Jumbo Combination Wrench Set, 10 Piece | Black Oxid Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Neiko 03129A Jumbo Ranking TOP2 Combination Wrench Piece 10 Oxid Black Set Neiko 03129A Jumbo Ranking TOP2 Combination Wrench Piece 10 Oxid Black Set $110 Neiko 03129A Jumbo Combination Wrench Set, 10 Piece | Black Oxid Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Neiko Sale 03129A Jumbo Ranking TOP2 Combination Wrench Piece 10 Oxid Black Set

Neiko 03129A Jumbo Combination Wrench Set, 10 Piece | Black Oxid


Neiko 03129A Jumbo Combination Wrench Set, 10 Piece | Black Oxid

Product description

Style:Wrench Set + Adapter and Reducer Set

Neiko 03129A Jumbo Combination Wrench Set, 10 Piece | Black Oxide Finish | SAE (1-5/16" - 2")
10 piece SAE Black-Oxide Jumbo Combo Wrench Set, 1-5/16", 1-3/8", 1-7/16", 1-1/2", 1-5/8", 1-11/16", 1-3/4", 1-13/16", 1-7/8", 2". Black oxide finish.

Neiko 30223A Impact Adapter and Reducer Set, 8 Piece | Cr-V | SAE
Durable 8-piece impact socket adapter and reducer set. These tools adapt to the situation on the fly to get it done. They create replacements for lost or broken sockets, expand incomplete socket sets, and Allows greater flexibility for all sockets and drive tools. Ball detent securely holds sockets on the coupler. Made of the highest quality chrome vanadium steel, each piece undergoes a precise heat treating process, hardening and strengthening it for use with impact wrenches and drivers. Set Includes: 4-pc. Reducers: 3/4 in. (M) x 1 in. (F), 1/2 in. (M) x 3/4 in. (F), 3/8 in. (M) x 1/2 in. (F), 1/4 in. (M) x 3/8 in. (F); 4-pc. Adapters: 1 in. (M) x 3/4 in. (F), 3/4 in. (M) x 1/2 in. (F), 1/2 in. (M) x 3/8 in. (F), 3/8 in. (M) x 1/4 in. (F)

Neiko 03129A Jumbo Combination Wrench Set, 10 Piece | Black Oxid

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