,/greenwithe4890559.html,StewMac,$72,Kit,,Swell,Enclosure,Bare,Pedal,With,Musical Instruments , Amplifiers Effects,Drive $72 StewMac Swell Drive Pedal Kit, With Bare Enclosure Musical Instruments Amplifiers Effects,/greenwithe4890559.html,StewMac,$72,Kit,,Swell,Enclosure,Bare,Pedal,With,Musical Instruments , Amplifiers Effects,Drive StewMac Swell half Drive Pedal Kit Bare With Enclosure StewMac Swell half Drive Pedal Kit Bare With Enclosure $72 StewMac Swell Drive Pedal Kit, With Bare Enclosure Musical Instruments Amplifiers Effects

StewMac Swell half Drive Pedal Kit Bare Elegant With Enclosure

StewMac Swell Drive Pedal Kit, With Bare Enclosure


StewMac Swell Drive Pedal Kit, With Bare Enclosure

Product description

Get your hands on this ultra-rare pedal
We found a small stash of the out-of-production chips to resurrect the coveted BOSS Slow Gear. Now you can build your own version of this unique pedal.

Only available from 1979-1982, the Slow Gear is an awesome and quirky effect. The variable auto swell sounds like a violin bow or even reverse delay. The components for this pedal were always in short supply, and it disappeared from stores nearly as quickly as it arrived.

Don't buy your next pedal -build it!
The Slow Gear is considered to be one of the rarest BOSS pedals -clean examples sell for 3-4 times the original price! We love this fun circuit so much we tracked down the scarce chips to make this limited pedal kit. Now for less than the original price, you can build it!

Get them before they're gone! These chips are still very hard to find, so when our stock is gone, this pedal will disappear again.

It's more than just a schematic
We include everything you need to build your new pedal:

  • Top quality components from resistors to switch
  • Road-worthy rugged metal enclosure with all holes pre-drilled
  • Bare metal finish
  • 3PDT breakout board for low noise
  • Input, output, and power jacks rear mounted for easy cable routing
  • True bypass switch
  • Custom printed labels

Make your pedal your way
It's never been easier to have an inspiring sounding and looking pedal. We include labels for all of the knobs for a professional look. Paint your own raw metal enclosure or choose a powder coated enclosure that is ready to put on your board now.

Take the first step to customize your sound.

StewMac Swell Drive Pedal Kit, With Bare Enclosure

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