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360° Spin Mop with Bucket Heads Dual Pink mop It is very popular New product type

360° Spin Mop with Bucket Dual Mop Heads Pink Spin mop Bucket


360° Spin Mop with Bucket Dual Mop Heads Pink Spin mop Bucket

Product description



Clean the floor in a quick and easy way with our 360° Spin Mop with Bucket amp; Dual Mop Heads! The mop heads are made of deep-cleaning microfiber that absorbs water and cleans up dust and dirt. Soft fiber won't scratch the floor so you can rest assured to rely on it. Moreover, the mop heads can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to easily get into those hard-to-reach places. And it comes with a tough bucket that has a built-in wringer for hands-free spin dry. Need I say more? Don't hesitate to buy now!


1. Make floor cleaning quick and easy

2. The mop heads are made of deep-cleaning microfiber

3. Absorb water and clean up dust and dirt

4. Soft fiber won't scratch the floor

5. 360° rotating heads allow you to easily get into those hard-to-reach places

6. Tough bucket has a built-in wringer for hands-free spin dry

7. Extending mop handle for easy storage


1. Material♤☻ Plastic amp; Fiber Spinning

2. Color♤☻ Pink


360° Spin Mop with Bucket Dual Mop Heads Pink Spin mop Bucket

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