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WYKDL 30 Times Handheld Magnifier Bombing free shipping Charlotte Mall Reading with Lamp Sca Led

WYKDL 30 Times Handheld Magnifier Reading Led with Lamp with Sca


WYKDL 30 Times Handheld Magnifier Reading Led with Lamp with Sca

Product description

Hand-held magnifying glass: optical lens, beautiful appearance, can only observe, high-end quality

Product material: metal, optical glass lens, unique shape.High quality and quality assurance magnifier

Left and right eye patch magnifier with LED

Adjustable lens angle to ensure accurate illumination of the surface
of the field of view, making it easier to use

Large glasses for industry observation and manufacturing, specifically for inspection of these tiny parts

Good magnification tools for reading books, reading newspapers, drawing, etc.

Battery: No. 5 battery

Batteries not included

Unique shape, excellent quality, high quality, guaranteed magnifying glass

Excellent materials just to give you a better visual experience

Your Satisfaction, Our Mission!Please feel free to contact if you have any issues.

WYKDL 30 Times Handheld Magnifier Reading Led with Lamp with Sca

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