HTDZDX Manufacturer OFFicial shop Wall-Mounted Folding Table Desk Multi-Funct Computer Wall Desk,HTDZDX,Computer,/greenwithe5378059.html,Folding,Wall-Mounted,$82,,Table,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Multi-Funct,Wall $82 HTDZDX Wall-Mounted Folding Table Wall Computer Desk Multi-Funct Home Kitchen Furniture HTDZDX Manufacturer OFFicial shop Wall-Mounted Folding Table Desk Multi-Funct Computer Wall $82 HTDZDX Wall-Mounted Folding Table Wall Computer Desk Multi-Funct Home Kitchen Furniture Desk,HTDZDX,Computer,/greenwithe5378059.html,Folding,Wall-Mounted,$82,,Table,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Multi-Funct,Wall

HTDZDX Manufacturer OFFicial shop Wall-Mounted Folding Table Desk Atlanta Mall Multi-Funct Computer Wall

HTDZDX Wall-Mounted Folding Table Wall Computer Desk Multi-Funct


HTDZDX Wall-Mounted Folding Table Wall Computer Desk Multi-Funct

Product description


Name: Folding computer table
Style positioning: quality luxury
Style: simple and modern
Additional features: folding
Furniture structure: bracket structure
Material: wood
Wood-based panel type: pine
Suitable for: study, computer, reading, work, etc.
Note: All data is subject to manual measurement, please allow 2~4cm error to be subject to the actual product.
Physical photographing, due to different lighting, different display, color difference of the picture, is a normal phenomenon, subject to the real thing.
Saving space, folding and putting is convenient
Heavy load, stable and easy to clean
Easy up easy down
Fit Your Style, Fit Your Space, Fit Your Budget.
Use anywhere in your home
Functional table desk stand
High Quality , not easy to damage
Space saver block storage bench
Easy to assemble
100% customer satisfaction, delivery time 10-15 days, if you can not receive within 30 days, please contact us, our goal is to reply within 24 hours.

HTDZDX Wall-Mounted Folding Table Wall Computer Desk Multi-Funct

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