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Crrs Animer and price revision Silver Hair Cutting Scissors 6.0

Crrs Silver Hair Cutting Scissors Set - 6.0" Hairdressing Scisso


Crrs Silver Hair Cutting Scissors Set - 6.0" Hairdressing Scisso

Product description

Why choose our professional Hair Cutting Scissors Shears?
Tailor-made professional high-end hairdressing scissors for you
Japan imported top steel
100% handmade
Razor-sharp blades that cut without tugging or pulling
Removable inserts perfect for your finger size
Lightweight design makes it easy to cut with
Adjustment screw easy to adjust
Pursue excellence, Focus on hairdressing scissors,focus on quality, and focus on every customer
Length: 5.5/6.0 inches
Overall scissors length: 5.5/6.0 inch Hair Scissor;5.5/6.0 inch Thinning shears
What's in the box?
1* Hair cutting Scissor
1* Hair Thinning Scissor
1* Scissors Storage Bag
Warm tips
1.Hairdressing scissors should be stored in cool, safe and dry place, free from humidity, dust, and cosmetics.
2.Our scissors are very sharp, be careful when you use them! And keep them out of the reach of children.

Crrs Silver Hair Cutting Scissors Set - 6.0" Hairdressing Scisso

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