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Showkig Product Ranking integrated 1st place Yagami Light Anime Character Note Figure PVC Death Model

Showkig Yagami Light Anime Character Model Death Note PVC Figure


Showkig Yagami Light Anime Character Model Death Note PVC Figure

Product description

Brand: Showkig

Product Name: toy model

Color: as the picture shows

Size: about 10cm high

Material: PVC

Toy type: model toy, statue model

Applicable age: 15 years old and above

Applicable occasions: indoor, outdoor, toy room

Applicable people: children, action characters lovers

Maker: Made in China

Package included: 1 x Toy Model


1. Only the product itself, not including other products.

2. Due to different angles, the product image may have a slight color difference, and the product should be based on the actual product.

Showkig Yagami Light Anime Character Model Death Note PVC Figure

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