Popular products Rejuvenation Concentrated Direct Absorption Secret Serum 2mlx8e Popular products Rejuvenation Concentrated Direct Absorption Secret Serum 2mlx8e Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Direct,paperfangs.com,/gyrogonite4747722.html,Concentrated,Absorption,(2mlx8e,Serum,$84,Rejuvenation,Secret $84 Rejuvenation Concentrated Direct Absorption Secret Serum (2mlx8e Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Direct,paperfangs.com,/gyrogonite4747722.html,Concentrated,Absorption,(2mlx8e,Serum,$84,Rejuvenation,Secret $84 Rejuvenation Concentrated Direct Absorption Secret Serum (2mlx8e Beauty Personal Care Skin Care

Popular products Rejuvenation Concentrated Direct Absorption OFFer Secret Serum 2mlx8e

Rejuvenation Concentrated Direct Absorption Secret Serum (2mlx8e


Rejuvenation Concentrated Direct Absorption Secret Serum (2mlx8e

Product Description

Features of Rejuvenation Secret Serum

Natural ingredients Perfectly safe with 99.7% natural ingredients (including water)
pH balancing Maintains slightly acidic balance at pH 4.5 and keeps the inside moist and smooth.
Low irritation Tara gum and natural cellulose gum make skin soft with lubricating effects.
Easing Y-zone Containing irritation-easing ingredients, it reduces irritation in the Y-zone and keeps it healthy.
Y-zone care With the powerful effects, it eliminates unpleasant odor and keeps the Y-zone clean and sanitary.
Highly concentrated serum The moist and firming highly-concentrated serum keeps skin soft and smooth.
Disposable syringe-type serum Y-zone serum in a disposable syringe type which ensures cleanness, hygiene and convenience simultaneously.

Rejuvenation Concentrated Direct Absorption Secret Serum (2mlx8e

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