Super beauty product restock quality top! Round Screechowl Bright Tshirt Neon Yellow Comfort Glasses Life Tshirt,Comfort,Life,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Round,Neon,Bright,Yellow,/gyrogonite4885422.html,,$27,Screechowl,Glasses Tshirt,Comfort,Life,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Round,Neon,Bright,Yellow,/gyrogonite4885422.html,,$27,Screechowl,Glasses Super beauty product restock quality top! Round Screechowl Bright Tshirt Neon Yellow Comfort Glasses Life $27 Round Screechowl Bright Tshirt Neon Yellow Glasses Life Comfort Home Kitchen Bedding $27 Round Screechowl Bright Tshirt Neon Yellow Glasses Life Comfort Home Kitchen Bedding

Super Time sale beauty product restock quality top Round Screechowl Bright Tshirt Neon Yellow Comfort Glasses Life

Round Screechowl Bright Tshirt Neon Yellow Glasses Life Comfort


Round Screechowl Bright Tshirt Neon Yellow Glasses Life Comfort

Product description


Name: Round Super Soft Micro-Pile Blanket
Size: S-47inch M-60inch
Material: Made of Flannel (100% Polyester Fiber)

Make You Feel Warm And Comfortable
Lightweight And Durable, Compactly Foldable
Soft Hand
Single Side Printing

Washing Method: Machine Wash Gently with Cold Water, Spin Drying At Low Water Level, or Dry If Necessary.

Scope of Application: Very Suitable for Providing Seasonal Gifts for Teenagers And College Students.
Enjoy Leisure Time At Parties, Beaches, Picnics, Camping or Lying on The Couch.

❤Must Remind You That Our Blankets Are Printed on one Side.
**Compared with Double-Sided Blankets, Double-Sided Printing Requires Two Heat Transfers, Which Affects The Comfort of The Blanket, While Single-Sided Printed Blankets Are Fluffy And Have Higher Quality.

Round Screechowl Bright Tshirt Neon Yellow Glasses Life Comfort

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