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JLFSDB Back Support Belt Brace Spring new Max 76% OFF work one after another Double Pressurization Lower

JLFSDB Back Support Belt Lower Back Brace Double Pressurization


JLFSDB Back Support Belt Lower Back Brace Double Pressurization

Product description

Daily life has become much easier.
Gardening, cleaning, playing golf, mowing the lawn, carrying groceries-sometimes, the back needs some extra help to complete. The waist belt relieves the pressure and pressure on the lower back and ensures that you lift, bend and turn in the correct posture. Simple and comfortable back support-just wear it and you can go all out!

Product Features:
Ergonomics: Breathable design is suitable for most people, regardless of men and women, whether it is outdoor workers or office white-collar workers, does not affect activities, and effectively protects the waist and abdomen
Tourmaline self-heating: Tourmaline's own energy releases hot compress physiotherapy to the damaged part of the lumbar spine to relieve waist discomfort
Double compression: the double compression design of elastic band + paste makes the waist support more fit
Double-sided maintenance: double-sided heating is used to protect the waist and stomach and stomach at the same time
Magnet physiotherapy: Magnet acts on corresponding acupoints to protect waist health

Name: Self-heating belt
Size: M, L, XL, XXL
Function: physical therapy to keep warm, breathable support
Suitable waist circumference: 60~73, 73~90, 90~100, 100~110 (CM)
Application: all kinds of sedentary people, high pressure on the waist and other waist and abdomen discomforts!

Package Contents:
1 * Back Support Belt

JLFSDB Back Support Belt Lower Back Brace Double Pressurization

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