3075,Round,$49,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/gyrogonite4890322.html,#16,Synthetic,Brushes,paperfangs.com 3075,Round,$49,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/gyrogonite4890322.html,#16,Synthetic,Brushes,paperfangs.com Synthetic Brushes 3075 #16 Round Miami Mall $49 Synthetic Brushes 3075 Round #16 Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $49 Synthetic Brushes 3075 Round #16 Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Synthetic Brushes 3075 #16 Round Miami Mall

Synthetic Brushes 3075 #16 Round Miami Large-scale sale Mall

Synthetic Brushes 3075 Round #16


Synthetic Brushes 3075 Round #16

Product description

Escoda’s animal-friendly Modernista brushes are expertly crafted from high-quality, Tadami synthetic filament. Designed to mirror the performance of traditional mongoose hair, the bristles offer remarkable snap and brushstroke response. A perfect in-between brush texture—not as soft as Kolinsky, yet not as stiff as Hog Bristle—making Mongoose a workhorse brush favorite of most painters. Beautifully lacquered, subtly colored handles are triple-crimpled for a durable, nickel-plated brass ferrule. Modernista brushes are perfect for acrylics, water-mixable oils, and even traditional oils, due to Tadami synthetic's durability. Key Features: Synthetic Mongoose Brush with the look and performance of natural hair Beautifully lacquered, natural-look wood handles Triple-crimped, nickel-plated brass ferrules Manufactured in Spain by Escoda’s skilled artisans Perfect For: Acrylic and Oil Painting Water-Mixable Oils Artists requiring animal-friendly products Glazing, detail work, impasto

Synthetic Brushes 3075 Round #16

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