$66 Smart Watch 1.28 Inch Fitness Tracker, Smartwatch with Bluetooth Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Smart Watch 1.28 Inch Fitness Smartwatch At the price of surprise Bluetooth with Tracker Smart,/gyrogonite5024622.html,Tracker,,paperfangs.com,with,Smartwatch,Bluetooth,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$66,1.28,Inch,Fitness,Watch Smart,/gyrogonite5024622.html,Tracker,,paperfangs.com,with,Smartwatch,Bluetooth,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$66,1.28,Inch,Fitness,Watch $66 Smart Watch 1.28 Inch Fitness Tracker, Smartwatch with Bluetooth Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Smart Watch 1.28 Inch Fitness Smartwatch At the price of surprise Bluetooth with Tracker

Smart Watch 1.28 Inch Save money Fitness Smartwatch At the price of surprise Bluetooth with Tracker

Smart Watch 1.28 Inch Fitness Tracker, Smartwatch with Bluetooth


Smart Watch 1.28 Inch Fitness Tracker, Smartwatch with Bluetooth

Product description

Screen size: 1.28 inch round screen
Middle frame material: zinc alloy, electroplating
Shell material: glass
Wristband material: silicone + leather
Product size: length 53.92mm width 48.77mm thickness 13.85mm
Resolution: 240*240
Bluetooth version: BLE4.0
Battery capacity: 270mAh 502030
Charging method: magnetic wire charging

APP display language: Chinese, German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese

Heart rate detection
Heart rate timing monitoring
Blood pressure test
Blood oxygen test
Sleep monitoring
Step calculation
Movement distance
Calories burned
Raise your hand to brighten the screen
Turn your wrist to bright screen
Alarm reminder
incoming call
SMS notification
Sedentary reminder
Other reminders
Custom watch face
Music control
Remote camera
Bluetooth call
Bluetooth connection headset
play music
Screen brightness adjustment
APP motion track

Adapted mobile phone system: Android 5.0 and above, IOS 9.0 and above, support Bluetooth 4.0

Smart Watch 1.28 Inch Fitness Tracker, Smartwatch with Bluetooth

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