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Hairdressing Scissors Dragon Handle Gem Inch Direct sale of manufacturer Professional 7.0 Today's only H

Hairdressing Scissors Dragon Handle Gem 7.0 Inch, Professional H


Hairdressing Scissors Dragon Handle Gem 7.0 Inch, Professional H

Product description

This dragon handle gem scissors will bring you a unique experience. Which is great for all-round use as it is forged it from premium steel, it will stay sharp for longer than other haircut scissors in this price bracket. These professional hair scissors for women men will draw compliments from everyone that see's them!

The is one of the more popular designs hair scissors on the market. The shorter thumb handle reduces overextension of the thumb and creates a more open hand.By having a shorter thumb handle, they put less stress on the thumb tendon and therefore can help reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrom.

Material: Japan 440C stainless steel
Hardness: 62HRC
Size: 7.0 inch
Color: Silver
Scissors Type: Right-handed

Products include:
1*Hairdressing scissors
1*Scissors bag

Whether you're a professional stylist in a barbershop or a mom who trims her hair for kids?Unmatched quality, cost-effective price,Tailored for you, I believe you will not miss.

Hairdressing Scissors Dragon Handle Gem 7.0 Inch, Professional H

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