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New Free Shipping Magnifiers Handheld Cheap mail order shopping High Magnification 40 Magnifying Times Glass

Magnifiers Handheld High Magnification Magnifying Glass 40 Times


Magnifiers Handheld High Magnification Magnifying Glass 40 Times

Product description

Magnifiers are suitable for the elderly, and people with low vision or macular degeneration, etc..
Product Name: Magnifier

Magnifying Glass Type: Hand-Held Portable Magnifying Glass

Lens: High Quality Optical Lenses

Magnification: 40X

Lens Length: 37Mm

Battery: 3 Aaa Battery (This Product May Not Contain Battery for Express Delivery Safety)

Light Source: Built-In High Efficiency Led

Main Uses: Reading, Identification, Etc.

Net Weight: About 70 G
Due to measurement and shooting reasons, there are subtle differences in size and color. I hope you understand.
We are responsible for the goods we send. If it has a problem.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will reply and resolve you as soon as possible.
Happy shopping!

Magnifiers Handheld High Magnification Magnifying Glass 40 Times

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