HZ9038 cheap Stable Adjustable Wash Basin Black Shampoo Portab - Shampoo,Basin,$81,Portab,Adjustable,Black,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Basin,HZ9038,Stable,-,Wash,/gytling4890063.html,paperfangs.com $81 HZ9038 Stable Adjustable Wash Basin Shampoo Basin Black - Portab Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Shampoo,Basin,$81,Portab,Adjustable,Black,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Basin,HZ9038,Stable,-,Wash,/gytling4890063.html,paperfangs.com $81 HZ9038 Stable Adjustable Wash Basin Shampoo Basin Black - Portab Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories HZ9038 cheap Stable Adjustable Wash Basin Black Shampoo Portab -

HZ9038 cheap Stable Adjustable Wash Basin Black Shampoo Portab - High order

HZ9038 Stable Adjustable Wash Basin Shampoo Basin Black - Portab


HZ9038 Stable Adjustable Wash Basin Shampoo Basin Black - Portab

Product description

Color:Light Green Hz9038


Welcome to our site! We are glad to give you a recommendation of this HZ9038 Stable Adjustable Shampoo Basin. It is made of high quality ABS plastic, which is sturdy and durable. And the bowl fits the curve of neck, so that you can enjoy a comfortable shampoo. Its bowel capacity is about 5L, which can meet your daily demand. Besides that, its adjustable, and you can adjust to the height you want. And its easy to install and use. So what are you waiting for? Just take action!


1. Made of high quality ABS plastic, sturdy and durable

2. Adjustable, can adjust to the height you want

3. Fit the curve of neck, enjoy a comfortable shampoo

4. Ideal for mobile hair dressers

5. Easy to clean


1. Material♒☁ ABS Plastic

2. Color♒☁ Black

3. Dimensions♒☁ (13.58 x 23.03 x 32.28-46.85) / (34.5 x 58.5 x 82-119)cm (L x W x H)

4. Water Basin Capacity♒☁ 5L

5. Shower Diameter♒☁ 0.3cm

6. Weight♒☁ 4kg / 8.82lbs

Package Includes♒☁

1 x Plastic Basin

1 x Isolator

1 x Water Storage Tank

1 x Downpipe

1 x Faucet

1 x Spray

HZ9038 Stable Adjustable Wash Basin Shampoo Basin Black - Portab

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