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ZZYJYALG Super sale Ashtray Ceramic Orange Lid with Nippon regular agency Large-Capacity Windproo

ZZYJYALG Ashtray Ceramic Orange with Lid Large-Capacity Windproo


ZZYJYALG Ashtray Ceramic Orange with Lid Large-Capacity Windproo

Product description

About us:

Enjoy the pleasure and comfort of cigarettes without the troubles caused by the ash scattered everywhere. You can take a look at the ashtrays of ZZYJYALG. We specialize in producing all kinds of ashtrays. There is always one that can meet your needs.

Detailed introduction:
Product name: Ashtray
Material: Ceramic
Function: Store soot to prevent the spread of smoke
Application: Suitable for home living room bedroom, study room, office, indoor and outdoor, any place.
colour: Orange
Size: 13*13*8cm

Packing list:

This is a portable ashtray, easy to carry, smokeless, suitable for most scenes.
Fashion classic, high-end luxury design, suitable for use in various places. Can effectively reduce the harm of secondhand smoke.
It is convenient to use even at night.
This is a very cute and sweet gift for you and friends who smoke and drive.
The exquisite craftsmanship is smooth and smooth, and it is comfortable to use at any time.
The design with cover can ensure that it can prevent the meeting from drifting around after use.

Cleaning: The outer and inner walls of the product are very smooth. After use, you only need to rinse with clean water and wipe off the water to restore it to new.

After-sales service: If you have any questions or questions after purchase, please contact our email, we will provide you with 7 * 24 hours service.

ZZYJYALG Ashtray Ceramic Orange with Lid Large-Capacity Windproo

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