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4 Piece Bathroom Set Green Plaids Christmas Sho St Tucson Mall Patrick Decor service

4 Piece Bathroom Set,Green Plaids St Patrick Christmas Decor Sho


4 Piece Bathroom Set,Green Plaids St Patrick Christmas Decor Sho

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This 4 piece shower curtain sets, containing non-slip rugs, toilet lid cover and bath mat, can bring vibrant, colorful, positive decorative appeal to your privacy bathroom. You will definitely enjoy your bath time with such a piece of art.

HD Printing Technology
Featuring vibrant colors and crisp lines, this shower curtain sets will bring cool decorative appeal to your privacy bathroom. Safe for your family.No fading.

The design will give you a different novelty experience. Let you enjoy the shower time.

They are made of high quality non woven. Non skid backing, durable and keeps the bath rug in place, and will not hurt floor surface.

It features waterproof technology which allowed water to easily glide off, dries quickly and resist soaking.

With 12 free strong hooks and reinforced top-header, you can install easily and simply.

Machine or hand washable.

Shower curtain amp; Bathroom mat + O shape toilet lid cover + U shape rug
36"x72" amp; Small:18"x30"+14"x18"+15"x18"
36"x72" amp; Large:20"x32"+16"x18"+16"x20"
66"x72" amp; Small:18"x30"+14"x18"+15"x18"
66"x72" amp; Large:20"x32"+16"x18"+16"x20"
72"x72" amp; Small:18"x30"+14"x18"+15"x18"
72"x72" amp; Large:20"x32"+16"x18"+16"x20"
Fit most standard bath tub.

1 × Shower Curtain
12 × Strong Plastic Hooks
1× Bathroom Mat
1 × Toilet Lid Cover
1 × U Shape Rug

4 Piece Bathroom Set,Green Plaids St Patrick Christmas Decor Sho

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