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Camo Netting Camouflage 4X6m Nashville-Davidson Mall 13ft - Outdo OFFer 20ft X Black

Camo Netting Camouflage Netting, 4X6m(13ft X 20ft) Black - Outdo


Camo Netting Camouflage Netting, 4X6m(13ft X 20ft) Black - Outdo

Product description

Size:6X8m(20ft X 26ft)

If you want to create a comfortable shaded area, this Camo Netting will cut out the harsh sunlight and make a much cooler area for you, your family, pets, or the garden.

Name: Camouflage Netting / Camo Netting
Fabric Material: 210D polyester Oxford cloth+Nylon Rope
Mesh Frame Material: Nylon rope
Operating environment: -40 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Occasions: Military, Sunshade, Greening, Decoration
Size: Provide a variety of size options, you can also customize the size and color
Packing List
1 x Camouflage Netting

Camouflage army training, military installations anti-anti-infrared radar.
Car parks and other public places shade landscaping.
Mountain and green cover, cover garbage.
For bird-watching enthusiasts need to shoot into the distance and in contact with the bird's camouflage.
Wargame sniper camouflage and use.
Decorative landscaping (theme parks, exhibitions, film base, outdoor development, CS field simulation, hotel decoration, industrial decoration, home decoration, etc.)

1. Due to the light and screen setting difference, the Camo Netting color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2. Please allow slight dimension differences due to different manual measurements.
3. Can be customized, We Can Do All the Size You Need, More Size, Please Contact Us, Thank You!

Camo Netting Camouflage Netting, 4X6m(13ft X 20ft) Black - Outdo

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A Basic Guide To ASX Trading

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is among the top ten of the world's leading financial market exchanges. It was born out of a merger by the Sydney Futures Exchange and the Australi