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PBOHUZ Kayak Trolley Aluminium 1 year warranty Alloy Canoe List price Dolly Wheel Boa

PBOHUZ Kayak Trolley Aluminium Alloy Kayak Canoe Wheel Dolly Boa


PBOHUZ Kayak Trolley Aluminium Alloy Kayak Canoe Wheel Dolly Boa

Product description

This trolley is made of high quality aluminum alloy, high strength with heavy load bearing up to 80kg, great corrosion-resistance and durability. Two 10inch big wheels makes transporting quicker and labor-saving. Constructed with premium rubber with corrugated surface, the wheel is more wearable and has better friction on grounds. The tube is covered with soft foam as pads, anti-slip and shock-absorb, can protect your boat from bumps or scratch while transporting. The strap on the cart is very solid and can firmly fasten the tubes from falling apart. Easy to assemble, good for convenient storage and transport, nice accessory for canoe and kayak lovers.
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Rubber
Color: Shown as picture
Wheel Size: 10inch
Load Bearing: 80kg
Size: As picture shown
Weight: Approx. 3750g

Package List:

1 x Canoe Carrier Trolley

Canoe is not included.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

PBOHUZ Kayak Trolley Aluminium Alloy Kayak Canoe Wheel Dolly Boa

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