Stone,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/justicelike4968335.html,Ethnic,Set,Drink,,$25,Coasters,,of,Coasters,Coasters,6,Ceramic $25 Coasters Set of 6 Ceramic Stone Coasters Drink Coasters, Ethnic Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Coasters Financial sales sale Set of 6 Ethnic Ceramic Stone Drink Stone,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/justicelike4968335.html,Ethnic,Set,Drink,,$25,Coasters,,of,Coasters,Coasters,6,Ceramic Coasters Financial sales sale Set of 6 Ethnic Ceramic Stone Drink $25 Coasters Set of 6 Ceramic Stone Coasters Drink Coasters, Ethnic Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Coasters New item Financial sales sale Set of 6 Ethnic Ceramic Stone Drink

Coasters Set of 6 Ceramic Stone Coasters Drink Coasters, Ethnic


Coasters Set of 6 Ceramic Stone Coasters Drink Coasters, Ethnic

Product description

Size:6-Piece Set

Ceramic coasters
Cork base
Package comes with 4, 6, 8 coasters
Help reduce the damage caused by water stains and scratches to the desktop.
It is applied to tables with wood, marble, and tile surfaces.
Suitable for any forest, seaside, farmhouse, barn, autumn, spring, summer, winter theme party decoration.
Fashionable gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, friend birthday, housewarming, father's day, mother's day, sibling wedding.
If you have any questions after receiving the coaster, please contact us and we will try to solve the problem for you.

Coasters Set of 6 Ceramic Stone Coasters Drink Coasters, Ethnic

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