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Hooker Furniture Sundance Cabinet Display Max 87% OFF Max 68% OFF

Hooker Furniture Sundance Display Cabinet


Hooker Furniture Sundance Display Cabinet

Product description

Create a calming resort-inspired retreat in your home with the focal-point-worthy Sundance Display Cabinet. The circular patterned metal fretwork over tempered glass on the door fronts is a designer detail, along with an antique mirror back panel. Behind the doors are 4 adjustable wood-framed glass shelves illuminated by a 3-intensity touch switch. Crafted of Pecan Veneers, the cabinet is finished in Cliffside, a rich, dynamic brown finish with light burnishing on the edges.

Features :

Two doors with metal fretwork over tempered glass
Four adjustable wood-framed glass shelves
Antique mirror backpanel
One light with three-intensity touch switch

Hooker Furniture Sundance Display Cabinet

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