/media-centre,paperfangs.com,Station,End,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Ergode,Charging,Top,Shelf,with,$85,Table,Tucson,and,Flip $85 Ergode Tucson Flip Top End Table with Charging Station and Shelf Home Kitchen Furniture $85 Ergode Tucson Flip Top End Table with Charging Station and Shelf Home Kitchen Furniture Ergode Tucson Flip Top End Table Charging Shelf with and Station Superior Ergode Tucson Flip Top End Table Charging Shelf with and Station Superior /media-centre,paperfangs.com,Station,End,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Ergode,Charging,Top,Shelf,with,$85,Table,Tucson,and,Flip

Ergode Tucson A surprise price is realized Flip Top End Table Charging Shelf with and Station Superior

Ergode Tucson Flip Top End Table with Charging Station and Shelf


Ergode Tucson Flip Top End Table with Charging Station and Shelf

Product description

Add functionality to your home with the Tucson Flip Top End Table with Charging Station and Shelf by Ergode. Featuring a flip top that reveals a convenient charging station as well as storage space for your remote controls or favorite book. Charging station includes two standard outlets and two USB ports which can easily charge your phone, tablet and even your laptop. The cable management hole allows you to store multiple devices on the table without damaging cords. The power supply cord is 6 feet in length giving you the room you need to display your end table where you choose. Also includes a bottom shelf for additional storage or display.

Ergode Tucson Flip Top End Table with Charging Station and Shelf

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