$132 VINGVO with Rubber Golfing Tee Grass Mat, Practice Mat, PP Grass Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Rubber,Golfing,VINGVO,$132,with,Grass,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Mat,,PP,Mat,,/micromanometer4885877.html,paperfangs.com,Tee,Grass,Practice $132 VINGVO with Rubber Golfing Tee Grass Mat, Practice Mat, PP Grass Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Rubber,Golfing,VINGVO,$132,with,Grass,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Mat,,PP,Mat,,/micromanometer4885877.html,paperfangs.com,Tee,Grass,Practice VINGVO with Rubber Golfing Tee PP Practice Grass Mat Purchase VINGVO with Rubber Golfing Tee PP Practice Grass Mat Purchase

VINGVO with Rubber Golfing Tee PP Practice Grass Mat Purchase Ranking TOP3

VINGVO with Rubber Golfing Tee Grass Mat, Practice Mat, PP Grass


VINGVO with Rubber Golfing Tee Grass Mat, Practice Mat, PP Grass

Product description

1. The Size is 1.25*1m. Comes with tee.
2. Suitable for placing in the backyard or on the floor of the office lounge.
3. Even in bad weather, this woven nylon turf mat will bring you immediate practice.
4. This mat doesn't need to be fixed to stay on the floor. The rubber back fastens it to your play area.
5. Swing practice, do not slip. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Training Net
Material: PP grass + rubber
Size: approx. 1.25x1m/49.2x39.4inch
Thickness: approx. 1.5cm/0.6inch
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Package List:
1 x Training Net
1 x Tee

VINGVO with Rubber Golfing Tee Grass Mat, Practice Mat, PP Grass

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