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WLDOCA Clothes Steamer, Portable Handheld Travel Iron 1500W, Gar


WLDOCA Clothes Steamer, Portable Handheld Travel Iron 1500W, Gar

Product description

Name: Handheld garment steamer
Size: 28.5*10*13.5cm
Power: 1100W
Water tank capacity: 260ML
Material: PP, PC
Steam output: 1.6M
Weight: 0.95KG

1. The garment ironing machine has a size of 28.5*10*13.5cm, which is small and portable, easy to carry, and very convenient to go out.
2. This garment ironing machine can quickly heat up within 25 seconds, lift the mourning su to make the steam stronger, and make your clothes cleaner
3. Our garment ironing machine heats up after the light is on, and then goes out after heating. The garment ironing machine will automatically power off after it is not used for 8 minutes.
4. Integrated switch, easy to operate and very convenient
5. The detachable water tank is easier to clean, and the leak-proof rubber plug is designed inside, which can be used 360 degrees and is more portable
6. The garment ironing machine has 12 steam heads, which can release a large amount of fog, and the steam is bigger and ironing is faster

Packing list:
1*Hanging ironing machine

WLDOCA Clothes Steamer, Portable Handheld Travel Iron 1500W, Gar

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