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Meat Cleaver Kitchen Tulsa Mall 2021 new Knife Professional Knif Hand Forged Cutting

Meat Cleaver Kitchen Knife Professional Hand Forged Cutting Knif


Meat Cleaver Kitchen Knife Professional Hand Forged Cutting Knif

Product description

Weight : About 1.8 lb

Blade Width : 4.5 inch

Blade Length : 7.0 inch

Blade Thickness : 5 mm

Handle Style : Wooden Handle

Blade Material : Handmade forged high carbon clad steel

Handle Material : Integrated steel shank + wood + rivet fixing
The chef's knife is carefully designed to maximize comfort and maneuverability, and cleaver knife have an exquisite, ergonomic and dexterous handle. From executive chefs to home chefs and everyone in between, the meat knife will bring them a better cooking experience. If you own our meat cleaver, a long time that you do not need other meat cleaver.

Razor sharp blade
High-quality stainless steel ensures that our cleaver knife are sharp and durable

Meat cutter
The butcher knife can cut through meat or fish easily and separate bone and meat effortlessly with premium blade.

Easy to slice vegetable
The kitchen knife can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks of slicing, dicing and mincing by cutting chicken, lamb chops, steaks, vegetables and fruits.

1. Keep the meat cleaver away from children.
2. Watch out for the sharp cutting edge and eliminate direct hand touch.
3. Clean the knife with soapy cloth after every use and keep meat cleaver dry and safe.
4. Hone the knife with a sharpener or a sharpening stone every 2-3 month to maintain its sharpness.

Meat Cleaver Kitchen Knife Professional Hand Forged Cutting Knif

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