Mini Manual Rosin Heat Long Beach Mall Press Co LCD Double Heating with $261 Mini Manual Rosin Heat Press, Manual with Double Heating, LCD Co Arts, Crafts Sewing Printmaking Arts, Crafts Sewing , Printmaking,LCD,,Double,with,Rosin,Co,Press,,/micromanometer5378177.html,Mini,$261,Heat,Manual,Heating,,Manual $261 Mini Manual Rosin Heat Press, Manual with Double Heating, LCD Co Arts, Crafts Sewing Printmaking Mini Manual Rosin Heat Long Beach Mall Press Co LCD Double Heating with Arts, Crafts Sewing , Printmaking,LCD,,Double,with,Rosin,Co,Press,,/micromanometer5378177.html,Mini,$261,Heat,Manual,Heating,,Manual

Mini Manual Rosin Heat Long Beach Mall Max 52% OFF Press Co LCD Double Heating with

Mini Manual Rosin Heat Press, Manual with Double Heating, LCD Co


Mini Manual Rosin Heat Press, Manual with Double Heating, LCD Co

Product description

Our hot press is mainly suitable for extraction, PU leather, plastic granules, dried flowers and plants.
Lightweight portable, very suitable for personal desktop operation or travel.

Double heating plate high pressure hot press to improve production
In line with ergonomic handles, it is convenient to press and save power.
Easy handle on the back of the machine, easy to carry
The environmental protection layer provides better protection for machines
The heating plate material is molded into aluminum, durable wear resistance
LCD shows excellent performance in precise control temperature and reading

Mini Manual Rosin Heat Press, Manual with Double Heating, LCD Co

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