Food,/news-campaigns/marsh-awards/,22,Small,lb,Ounces,Sta,Scale,$84,Grams,Digital,,Kitchen,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,XTZJ,and Jacksonville Mall XTZJ Digital Kitchen Food Scale 22 lb Small and Grams Sta Ounces $84 XTZJ Digital Kitchen Food Scale 22 lb Grams and Ounces Small Sta Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Jacksonville Mall XTZJ Digital Kitchen Food Scale 22 lb Small and Grams Sta Ounces $84 XTZJ Digital Kitchen Food Scale 22 lb Grams and Ounces Small Sta Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Food,/news-campaigns/marsh-awards/,22,Small,lb,Ounces,Sta,Scale,$84,Grams,Digital,,Kitchen,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,XTZJ,and

Jacksonville Mall XTZJ Digital Kitchen Food Scale 22 lb Small and Grams supreme Sta Ounces

XTZJ Digital Kitchen Food Scale 22 lb Grams and Ounces Small Sta


XTZJ Digital Kitchen Food Scale 22 lb Grams and Ounces Small Sta

Product description

Product: Kitchen Scale

Material:ABS Engineering Plastics



Main Functions:Peeled, switch, count, unit conversion

Dimensions :22.5x15.5x4.2cm

Display: LED display

power supply:2xAA battery powered (excluding battery)

Operating ambient temperature: 5-35 ° C

Product use:Small parcel weighing, kitchen weighing, cake shop, jewelry store.

If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will answer your inquiry within 24 hours.

XTZJ Digital Kitchen Food Scale 22 lb Grams and Ounces Small Sta

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