Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$70,Wall,Plotter,Graph,-,Cable,/news/qas/qa-hannah-mckay-head-of-food-beverages-uk-ireland-caffe-nero/,Draw,Robot,HALYNA,Painting,Polar,,with HALYNA - Wall Draw Painting Robot Cable with Plotter Graph Polar Max 69% OFF $70 HALYNA - Wall Draw Painting Robot with Cable Plotter Polar Graph Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools HALYNA - Wall Draw Painting Robot Cable with Plotter Graph Polar Max 69% OFF $70 HALYNA - Wall Draw Painting Robot with Cable Plotter Polar Graph Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$70,Wall,Plotter,Graph,-,Cable,/news/qas/qa-hannah-mckay-head-of-food-beverages-uk-ireland-caffe-nero/,Draw,Robot,HALYNA,Painting,Polar,,with

HALYNA - Wall Draw Painting Robot Cable with Plotter Graph Polar Max Louisville-Jefferson County Mall 69% OFF

HALYNA - Wall Draw Painting Robot with Cable Plotter Polar Graph


HALYNA - Wall Draw Painting Robot with Cable Plotter Polar Graph

Product description

Color:Package 2

Wall Draw Painting Robot with Cable Plotter Polar Graph with Stepper Motor DIY Maker Parogram Project Kit Toy Parts

Welcome to our Store, Have a nice shopping!!

Draw line wall painting machine is a very early maker project, because the production of stepping motor fixed base and pen holder has been suffering the hearts of all procedural apes. Our shop has carefully designed a set of elent plans. The stepping motor uses 28byj, which is small in volume, convenient in wiring and simple in program.
It can be directly powered by without any problems such as driver, welding and power supply.
The motor and the main board are integrated in a base, and the winding frame on both sides can be pasted on the upper corner of any wall or drawing board.
The main board can also be placed on the lower side of the screen without climbing.

How to draw complex graphics?such as pos taken on mobile phones.
1. Not all pos can be drawn, only vector graphics can be drawn. Fortunately, some pos can be converted into vector graphics through software. (You can use Coreldraw, Inkscape and many other software to process) Or try a simple vector diagram first.
2. The vector diagram needs to be converted into a gcode file. (You can use Inkscape, Aspire, and many other software to make Gcode.) If you canamp;39t, you can also try some of the gcodes provided in our software package. Gcode is a text file that can be opened and edited with WordPad.

Thanks and hope you are satisfied with Wall Draw Painting Robot!

HALYNA - Wall Draw Painting Robot with Cable Plotter Polar Graph

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