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Almencla Fashion Women Natural Short Wavy Hair Wigs Curly Ranking TOP10 Gorgeous Human

Almencla Fashion Women Natural Short Curly Human Hair Wigs Wavy


Almencla Fashion Women Natural Short Curly Human Hair Wigs Wavy

Product description


- ☆ Material: A Perfect Blend of Real Human Hair and Realistic Synthetic Fiber, exactly match your own hair texture, just like your bio hair, no one even knows you are wearing a wig. resistance up to 180°C。

- ☆ Hair Length: 8 inch chic layered short hair, slightly involution curly wig is very suitable for quiet and elegant ladies.Color: Natural Black Color

- ☆ Natural Looking: Soft and Skin friendly human hair wig flatters for women, easy to wear, can be used years round by proper care.

- ☆ Adjustable Cap Size: Full cover breathable wig cap wig with 2 adjustment straps for secure fit, one size fits all.

- ☆ Suitable Occasions: Perfect for daily wear,Halloween/theme parties cosplay anime costume,fashion,photo shoot,etc.


- Material: about 70% Real human hair + 30% Synthetic Fiber ( Resistant up to 120℃)

- Storage Tips: We sincerely recommend put the wig on the wigs stand or tools for storage when it not in use.

Package Includes:

1x Human Hair Wig

1x Free Wig Net

1x Steel Comb

8x Hair Clips


1. Before the shipment,the wig will be style again by our stylist,so maybe there is some hair shedding.And because of the long time of shipment,the wigs style maybe be affected by extrusion.So before wearing,please shake it a few times to get rid of the shedding and let it the style.

2.Please allow slight difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting. Nice day!

Almencla Fashion Women Natural Short Curly Human Hair Wigs Wavy

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