Race San Antonio Mall Sport H1-5K-G3-CANBUS Kit HID /plant/aronia-melanocarpa-black-chokeberry,HID,Kit,(H1-5K-G3-CANBUS),Race,$88,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sport,paperfangs.com Race San Antonio Mall Sport H1-5K-G3-CANBUS Kit HID /plant/aronia-melanocarpa-black-chokeberry,HID,Kit,(H1-5K-G3-CANBUS),Race,$88,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sport,paperfangs.com $88 Race Sport (H1-5K-G3-CANBUS) HID Kit Automotive Replacement Parts $88 Race Sport (H1-5K-G3-CANBUS) HID Kit Automotive Replacement Parts

Race San Max 87% OFF Antonio Mall Sport H1-5K-G3-CANBUS Kit HID

Race Sport (H1-5K-G3-CANBUS) HID Kit


Race Sport (H1-5K-G3-CANBUS) HID Kit

Product description

Race Sport is the Brand the Professionals Use. When it comes to automotive 12 Volt lighting and specialty products, we partner with the leaders in the industry to bring the hottest technologies to the market. Whether you are a dealer or a distributor, you can count on us to always bring your company the next hot and profitable product. With quality to crush the competition, Race Sport is your premier one stop supplier of automotive lighting and accessories. We at Race Sport care about quality and long term partnerships with all of our customers. We put all of our products through a rigorous series of tests before we release them to ensure only the best products make it to the market. All-In-One Super SLIM CANBUS Technology 3 year warranty SLIM weatherproof design Error light prevention circuitry built in High quality igniter system 35W ballast power Oriented for CANBUS vehicles; model year 2005 and newer Kit includes: -(2) 35W CANBUS Ballasts -(2) 35W HID Bulbs -Hardware -Instruction Card Bi-xenon kits include high/low control pack harness.

Race Sport (H1-5K-G3-CANBUS) HID Kit

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