3200Pa,paperfangs.com,Super-Strong,Robot,,Vacuum,Robot,Cleaner,,$228,Sweeping,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,GDYJP,/press-releases/lunch-announces-big-name-keynote-speakers-for-comeback-show/ GDYJP Robot Vacuum All items free shipping Cleaner 3200Pa Super-Strong Sweeping 3200Pa,paperfangs.com,Super-Strong,Robot,,Vacuum,Robot,Cleaner,,$228,Sweeping,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,GDYJP,/press-releases/lunch-announces-big-name-keynote-speakers-for-comeback-show/ GDYJP Robot Vacuum All items free shipping Cleaner 3200Pa Super-Strong Sweeping $228 GDYJP Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Sweeping Robot, 3200Pa Super-Strong Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care $228 GDYJP Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Sweeping Robot, 3200Pa Super-Strong Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care

GDYJP Denver Mall Robot Vacuum All items free shipping Cleaner 3200Pa Super-Strong Sweeping

GDYJP Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Sweeping Robot, 3200Pa Super-Strong


GDYJP Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Sweeping Robot, 3200Pa Super-Strong

Product description


Parameter and Feature:
Net weight: 2.0kg ;Size: 320*320*78mm
Power: 15W; Suction: 3200pa
Dust Box Capacity: 600ML
Watertank Capacity: 200ML
Battery Capacity: 7.4V,2600mAh
Charging Type: Automatic Recharge
Charging Time: 3-4 hours(first time 8 hours)
Control: One key start/Remote control
Clean mode:Automatic, Spot, Edge

3200Pa Strong Suction
3200pa strong suction, so the all kinds of hair, dust, stains and particles can be removed and cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.

Enhanced Movement
The maximum obstacle crossing height is 1.5cm, which is enough to freely cross the threshold and run unimpeded in your home without manual assistance.

Ideal for family with pets
Brushless motor,not afraid of hair entanglement

Automatic、Spot、Edge Cleaning
Flexible operation and satisfy different cleaning needs,suitable for hard floors,blankets and wooden floors.

Remote Control

This vacuum cleaner does a impressive job on picking up dirt,dust, pet hair and fur.The mop cloth,made by nanofiber,covers half of the robot,shortens 20-minutes usual mop time you need

Antomatic Recharge
When the robot battery is low,the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the charging base by intelligent sensing,so there is no need to worry about power exhaustion or manually moving the robot vacuum cleaner.

A Quiet Clean
Advanced brushless motor significantly reduces vacuuming noise,makes the working noise as low as whispering,no disruption while sleeping,reading or working.

Anti-Fall System
The robot vacuum cleaner has an anti-fall sensor,this robot vacuum detects the surrounding environment to protect itself from falling off stairs.

GDYJP Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Sweeping Robot, 3200Pa Super-Strong

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