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ZKS-KS 39 Inch Snake Catcher Outlet SALE Very popular Handling Reptile Pliers Grabber Too

ZKS-KS 39 Inch Snake Catcher Pliers Reptile Grabber Handling Too


ZKS-KS 39 Inch Snake Catcher Pliers Reptile Grabber Handling Too

Product description

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Model: 702008

Product Description

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Total Length: 100cm / 39 inch

Application: catch snake pliers

● Bold lengthened spring, better elasticity.

● Carry light. Outdoor activities, mountaineering camping, wild adventure, agriculture and forestry to bring spare items.

Package includes:

1 x Snake Catcher

ZKS-KS 39 Inch Snake Catcher Pliers Reptile Grabber Handling Too

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