LED,paperfangs.com,Edge,Lighting,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Flat,$169,Atlas,/psoriasic4885209.html,P,Products,Ultra-Thin,ELP2450LED40U $169 Atlas Lighting Products ELP2450LED40U Ultra-Thin Edge LED Flat P Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Atlas Lighting Products Dallas Mall ELP2450LED40U Ultra-Thin P Flat Edge LED Atlas Lighting Products Dallas Mall ELP2450LED40U Ultra-Thin P Flat Edge LED LED,paperfangs.com,Edge,Lighting,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Flat,$169,Atlas,/psoriasic4885209.html,P,Products,Ultra-Thin,ELP2450LED40U $169 Atlas Lighting Products ELP2450LED40U Ultra-Thin Edge LED Flat P Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs

Limited price sale Atlas Lighting Products Dallas Mall ELP2450LED40U Ultra-Thin P Flat Edge LED

Atlas Lighting Products ELP2450LED40U Ultra-Thin Edge LED Flat P


Atlas Lighting Products ELP2450LED40U Ultra-Thin Edge LED Flat P

Product description

Ultra-Thin Edge LED Flat Panel, Size: 2 x 4 Feet, 50 Watt, 4000K, CRI: 80


  • Platt Cat: ATAELP2450LED40U
  • Platt Item: 0946260
  • Cat: ELP2450LED40U
  • Mfr: Atlas Lighting Products
  • Type: Flat Panel, LED

California proposition 65 warning

Atlas Lighting Products ELP2450LED40U Ultra-Thin Edge LED Flat P

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