Osg,Right,Powdered,Tap,,$143,Spiral,M,1.50mm,Hand,,Point,,/psoriasic4885309.html,paperfangs.com,Pitch,,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,M10, Max 71% OFF Osg Tap Right Hand Spiral Point M10 Pitch M Powdered 1.50mm Max 71% OFF Osg Tap Right Hand Spiral Point M10 Pitch M Powdered 1.50mm Osg,Right,Powdered,Tap,,$143,Spiral,M,1.50mm,Hand,,Point,,/psoriasic4885309.html,paperfangs.com,Pitch,,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,M10, $143 Osg Tap, Right Hand, Spiral Point, M10, 1.50mm Pitch, Powdered M Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools $143 Osg Tap, Right Hand, Spiral Point, M10, 1.50mm Pitch, Powdered M Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools

Max 71% OFF Osg Tap Chicago Mall Right Hand Spiral Point M10 Pitch M Powdered 1.50mm

Osg Tap, Right Hand, Spiral Point, M10, 1.50mm Pitch, Powdered M


Osg Tap, Right Hand, Spiral Point, M10, 1.50mm Pitch, Powdered M

Product description

Spiral Point Tap, Thread Direction Right Hand, Tap Style Spiral Point, Size M10, Pitch 1.5mm, Material VC-10, Finish V Coating, Overall Length 3-15/16", Thread Length 1-17/32", Shank Dia. 0.381", Number of Flutes 3, Thread Type Coarse, Pitch Diameter Limits D6, List Number 16510, Standards ANSI,DIN OAL

Features -

Material - VC-10Finish - V CoatingOverall Length - 3-15/16"Thread Length - 1-17/32"Shank Dia. - 0.381"Number of Flutes - 3Thread Type - CoarsePitch Diameter Limits - D6List Number - 16510Standards - ANSI,DIN OAL


California Residents. This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

California proposition 65 warning

Osg Tap, Right Hand, Spiral Point, M10, 1.50mm Pitch, Powdered M

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