Occus Grips 20 Pairs Universal 7 Handleb Luxury Motorcycle 22MM CNC 8'' Handleb,/ptomainic4885593.html,Occus,Motorcycle,paperfangs.com,Grips,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pairs,7/8'',20,$149,Universal,CNC,22MM $149 Occus Grips 20 Pairs Universal 7/8'' 22MM CNC Motorcycle Handleb Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $149 Occus Grips 20 Pairs Universal 7/8'' 22MM CNC Motorcycle Handleb Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Handleb,/ptomainic4885593.html,Occus,Motorcycle,paperfangs.com,Grips,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pairs,7/8'',20,$149,Universal,CNC,22MM Occus Grips 20 Pairs Universal 7 Handleb Luxury Motorcycle 22MM CNC 8''

Occus Grips 20 Pairs Universal 7 New Free Shipping Handleb Luxury Motorcycle 22MM CNC 8''

Occus Grips 20 Pairs Universal 7/8'' 22MM CNC Motorcycle Handleb


Occus Grips 20 Pairs Universal 7/8'' 22MM CNC Motorcycle Handleb

Product description

Product Description
    Brand New High Quality Gel Hand Grips
   Material: CNC Machined Aluminum + None-Slip Gel Rubber 
    Will Fit 7/8" Standard Handlebars
   Length: 12cm.
    LEFT side is 7/8", RIGHT side is 1" for twist gas throttle
   Easy installation,directly replace your existing handle grips
Package Include(1 set=2 pcs)
    20Sets (Left amp; Right) Hand Grips
Quality Guarantee:
One year Guarantee(not including components).
Items can be returned for repair within 1 year from the date you receive your merchandise.
Buyer is responsible for return shipping with proper packaging.
Buyer is responsible for return shipping cost and insurance.
Please contact us via email before return.
if meet pacakge destroyed,(once you recieve the goods. if find the goods broken ,please contact with express company, First Time. and get ''the goods broken proof ducuments'' and '' issue number',then can get compensation from express company ,meanwhile,you send back the broken item back by post, i will change new or repair it,i will pay for the return shipping fee )
any problem,please send back by post,don't estimate the value as compensation
Contact us:For some uncontrollable factors, the item may be damaged during shipping. If you receive a broken item, Please Contact us first, we will investigate and replace, if you have any other questions please email us.We will respond within 1 business day or less. Please include item number or order number in all communications.
Item specifics:
Origin: CN(Origin)
Item height: 3.5inch
Item length: 11inch
Material type: CNC Machined Aluminum + None-Slip Gel Rubber
Item weight: 220kg
Item width: 3.5inch
Model name: Hand Grips
Item diameter: 2.2inch
Item type: Grips
Color: Tell us the color you want
Warranty: One year
For: 7/8" Standard Handlebars
Unit type: pair

Occus Grips 20 Pairs Universal 7/8'' 22MM CNC Motorcycle Handleb

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