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Hookah Complete Set Micro Modern Sale SALE% OFF 1 Cube Light Acrylic LED Philadelphia Mall

Hookah Complete Set Micro Modern Cube Acrylic Hookah LED Light 1


Hookah Complete Set Micro Modern Cube Acrylic Hookah LED Light 1

Product description

This hookah has a superb design process, easy to handle and tasteless. A set of hookahs to meet your smoking needs, and an improved rugged and portable version, you can be proud of wherever you are.

Hookah Product Description:
1.it looks beautiful and practical, is a new generation of fashion and leisure smoking
2.suitable for families, foreign restaurants, bars, clubs, luxury hotels and other places

Product parameters:

Product name: Shisha Hookah Set

Material: Acrylic + Aluminum

Beginners will be pleased that with this complete set you really have everything at hand to start smoking straight away.

Due to factors such as lighting problems and display differences, the product's picture may differ from the actual product in color. The actual product is subject to the actual product.

If you encounter any problems during shopping and use, please keep in touch with us, we will find the most satisfactory solution for you.

Hookah Complete Set Micro Modern Cube Acrylic Hookah LED Light 1

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