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2021 autumn and winter new 7X Magnifiers Portable for Bargain Elderly Staff Hobby Professi Children

7X Magnifiers Portable for Elderly Children Hobby Staff Professi


7X Magnifiers Portable for Elderly Children Hobby Staff Professi

Product description

These Eye Loupes are Great For Different Applications and Fields Such As, Industrial Purposes (Watch Making, Jewelers), Medical Science, Coins and Stamp Collectors, Geography, Circuit Board and Printing Industry, Gardening, Education, Home and Offices.
Magnification: 7X
Lens: 46 mm
Size: 80*50 mm
Weight: 71 G
Industrial Purpose (Watch Making, Jewelers)
Medical Science
Coins And Stamp Collectors
Circuit Board and Printing Industry
House Living and Offices
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7X Magnifiers Portable for Elderly Children Hobby Staff Professi

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