$79 NesRabbit Guitar Stand,Wood Guitar Stand with Guitar Capo, Mad Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories $79,Guitar,paperfangs.com,Capo,,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Guitar,Guitar,NesRabbit,with,Stand,Wood,Stand,Mad,/rotal4748010.html NesRabbit Guitar Max 87% OFF Stand,Wood Stand with Capo Mad NesRabbit Guitar Max 87% OFF Stand,Wood Stand with Capo Mad $79,Guitar,paperfangs.com,Capo,,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Guitar,Guitar,NesRabbit,with,Stand,Wood,Stand,Mad,/rotal4748010.html $79 NesRabbit Guitar Stand,Wood Guitar Stand with Guitar Capo, Mad Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

NesRabbit Guitar Max Spring new work 87% OFF Stand,Wood Stand with Capo Mad

NesRabbit Guitar Stand,Wood Guitar Stand with Guitar Capo, Mad


NesRabbit Guitar Stand,Wood Guitar Stand with Guitar Capo, Mad

Product description

Guitar Stand,Wood Guitar Stand with Guitar Capo, Made of high quality compressed beech wood(solid wood), sturdy and durable, Portable Folding Instrument Holder for Acoustic,Classic,Electric,Bass Guitar

Name: Guitar Stand
Material: beech wood
Colour: Wood Colour
Net Weight: 860g
stand size: 290mmx280mmx245mm/11.4x11.0x9.6inches
single thickness: 18mm/0.7inches

Product List:
1 * Guitar stand
Your satisfaction is our only wish. If you have any questions about our products, you can contact us about our products, or you can contact us

NesRabbit Guitar Stand,Wood Guitar Stand with Guitar Capo, Mad

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