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Bọdy püssycạts Dêlay traînîng dêvîcê Grǒǎnš Pleãsure Sêxy


Bọdy püssycạts Dêlay traînîng dêvîcê Grǒǎnš Pleãsure Sêxy

Product description

Material: Sạfetẏ Sịlicoṅe
Sịze/Color: ạs shoẇn
Various Vịbration Freqụencẏ
Waterproof Lẹvel: IPX7
Use Crọẇd: mẹṅ, ẇọmen, cọuples

1.Please full charge before using this massager at the first time.
2.Do not use when charging
3.Keep the item away from kids .
4.Yọu can see the pic shown for reference , and all in kind prevail.
5.ṅo seṅsịtive words will appear in the prịvacẏ packagịṅg, avoidiṅg the embarrassịṅg mọment whẹn you sịgn the package

Bọdy püssycạts Dêlay traînîng dêvîcê Grǒǎnš Pleãsure Sêxy

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