0.05ctw - 0.10ctw Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Princess Cut Birthstone Tungsten Tanzanite Rin $150 0.05ctw - 0.10ctw Princess Cut Tanzanite Birthstone Tungsten Rin Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Princess,Rin,Tanzanite,/rotal4890610.html,0.10ctw,-,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,0.05ctw,paperfangs.com,Birthstone,Tungsten,$150,Cut Princess,Rin,Tanzanite,/rotal4890610.html,0.10ctw,-,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,0.05ctw,paperfangs.com,Birthstone,Tungsten,$150,Cut 0.05ctw - 0.10ctw Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Princess Cut Birthstone Tungsten Tanzanite Rin $150 0.05ctw - 0.10ctw Princess Cut Tanzanite Birthstone Tungsten Rin Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

0.05ctw - 0.10ctw Popular shop is the lowest price Max 67% OFF challenge Princess Cut Birthstone Tungsten Tanzanite Rin

0.05ctw - 0.10ctw Princess Cut Tanzanite Birthstone Tungsten Rin


0.05ctw - 0.10ctw Princess Cut Tanzanite Birthstone Tungsten Rin

Product description

Style# TN779CPSN-1TZN
0.05ctw - 0.10ctw Princess Cut Tanzanite Solitaire Anniversary Band - December Birthstone Ring. 8mm Matte Finish Black Ion Plated with Rose Gold Ion Plated Stepped Edge Trim Comfort Fit Tungsten Wedding Band. Mens Tungsten Carbide Ring, Engagement Ring, Anniversary Ring for her and for him. Available in 14kt White Gold Bezel, 14kt Rose Gold Bezel, and 14kt Yellow Gold Bezel Setting.
Extra Care is needed as Tungsten Rings will break or shatter when dropped or hit on hard surface with certain height and impact.

Cut / Shape: Princess Cut
Size / Dimension: (0.05ct - 2mm X 2mm) (0.10ctw - 2.5mm X 2.5mm)
Clarity: Type II / Slightly Included
Polish/Symmetry: Very Good

~Custom Ring Policy~
This is a CUSTOM MADE ring. Start off as plain ring; will be laser drilled amp; stone/s set on exact ring size you've specified. Please ensure you ordered the correct size. . A restocking fee of 35% will be deducted from the final amount.

Product images on our storefront are for illustrative purposes only and color and tone of jewelry, diamonds amp; gemstones may and will differ from the actual product. These are not pictures of the actual jewelry, but rather a photoshop rendition of how they will look like. Actual product received amp; image displayed on your screen when you made the purchase will never precisely match.

0.05ctw - 0.10ctw Princess Cut Tanzanite Birthstone Tungsten Rin

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