$28 Fracture Boot, Adjustable Leg Brace Support Strap Ankle Fracture Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Fracture Boot Adjustable Leg Brace Ankle Support Jacksonville Mall Strap Fracture Boot Adjustable Leg Brace Ankle Support Jacksonville Mall Strap $28 Fracture Boot, Adjustable Leg Brace Support Strap Ankle Fracture Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Leg,Fracture,Strap,/rotal5024610.html,Fracture,Brace,Ankle,paperfangs.com,Support,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Boot,,Adjustable,$28 Leg,Fracture,Strap,/rotal5024610.html,Fracture,Brace,Ankle,paperfangs.com,Support,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Boot,,Adjustable,$28

OFFer Fracture Boot Adjustable Leg Brace Ankle Support Jacksonville Mall Strap

Fracture Boot, Adjustable Leg Brace Support Strap Ankle Fracture


Fracture Boot, Adjustable Leg Brace Support Strap Ankle Fracture

Product description


Item Type: Leg Brace
Material: Composite Cloth
Height: S(Approx. 36cm / 14.2 inch, M(Approx. 37cm / 14.2 inch), L(Approx. 40cm / 15.7inch)
Foot Length: Approx.25.5cm / 10inch
Package Weight: Approx. 320~357g

Package List:
1 x Leg Brace

Fracture Boot, Adjustable Leg Brace Support Strap Ankle Fracture

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