HILL,Bed,BOWERY,$577,Bunk,Triple,/rotal5366710.html,in,Gunmetal,Full,Home Kitchen , Furniture,paperfangs.com $577 BOWERY HILL Triple Full Bunk Bed in Gunmetal Home Kitchen Furniture BOWERY Baltimore Mall HILL Triple Full Gunmetal Bunk in Bed $577 BOWERY HILL Triple Full Bunk Bed in Gunmetal Home Kitchen Furniture BOWERY Baltimore Mall HILL Triple Full Gunmetal Bunk in Bed HILL,Bed,BOWERY,$577,Bunk,Triple,/rotal5366710.html,in,Gunmetal,Full,Home Kitchen , Furniture,paperfangs.com

BOWERY Baltimore NEW Mall HILL Triple Full Gunmetal Bunk in Bed

BOWERY HILL Triple Full Bunk Bed in Gunmetal


BOWERY HILL Triple Full Bunk Bed in Gunmetal

Product description


The ultimate space saver for small rooms, the Bowery Hill triple metal bunk bed will be the best additional for your sweet home. Stacking three beds securely, the easy access guardrails keep your kids snug and secure, while the two built-in ladders offer easy access. This bunk bed is available in both twin and full size in smooth sandy black, white, gunmetal, and silver finishes.

Features :

Built-In 2 Front Ladders
Easy Access Guard-Rail
Slat System Included
Mattress Not Included
Assembly Required.

Specifications :

Recommended Location : Indoor
Recommended Room : Baby and Kids Room.

BOWERY HILL Triple Full Bunk Bed in Gunmetal

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